Evergreen & Birch

Evergreen & Birch is a small batch, natural skincare line based in Connecticut. Each product is handmade with raw, organic, natural & simple ingredients. No artificial dyes, preservatives, chemicals or fillers are ever added to our products, We want you to feel great about using and sharing our products with your friends and family. 

Every product we offer is carefully formulated and made just for you. We try to choose packaging that has minimal impact on the environment. our lip balms are available in 1/2 ounce eco-friendly, biodegradable push-up tubes made from recycled cardboard, our butter whips, scrubs, body & face oils, baby, and men’s line always packaged in beautiful glass and frosted glass bottles and jars. and our deodorant tubes are made from recycled plastic.


the maker| tomilyn 

i began the journey of creating evergreen & Birch a few years ago. I dreamt about building something of my own. I wanted to start a business that I was connected more deeply to. DURING THIS JOURNEY I began discovering NEW passions that I really loved. I have always been extremely interested in health and wellness. An avid hiker, road biker, marathon runner & swimmer - keeping my body healthy and putting the best things on myself was important. I value products that have the least impact on the environment, and that are also safe, fun, healthy and versatile.

A few years ago I began making my own BODY PRODUCTS at home. I would Educate MYSELF & CONSTANTLY EXPERIMENTING with new recipes. Now, ALL OF MY Evergreen & Birch products are handmade in Connecticut and available for purchase in stores and online. I have a wonderful new Studio that I built in October of 2018 (with my father) and all aspects of the business are preformed there.

Thank you so much for giving evergreen & Birch a try! I HOPE YOU LOVE EVERYTHING!


I really enjoy being a part of such a wonderful community. I get to be involved with other local makers, farmers. producers, health advocates, small business owners, and Indie brands just like mine.